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All Your Concernnings On Wearable Air Purifier

wearable air purifier

Breathe Easier -  Rechargeable Reusable Air Purifying Respirator with a Wearable HEPA Filter

Q & A  About All Rumor and Truth

Q1: Dose this mask still only protect others, not the wearer. Is that true?

"I don’t believe that. The air you take in is filtered through a HEPA filter, which can take out particulates PM 2.5 and even lower. Covid viral particles average 0.125 microns, and it can also remove them. I am an environmental engineer. I strongly suspected covid was airborne, so bought this mask with a pump and filter. Ps. Airborne means it can travel much farther than 6 feet that droplets travel, depending on temperature, humidity and air mass movement. Like opening a perfume bottle in a room. It can eventually diffuse around the room, but the rate can be changed by fans or other air movement. "  

Q2: Where to order replacement masks (not hepa filters)?

"Masks are NOT a concern if you use my solution, buy a grommet making kit that cuts a perfect hole in any KN95 or N95 you have, or anything you can handle to that curve. By the way, the hole is 1/2" or 12mm, an added bouns even the hole smalle the tube will make better seal and durable."

Q3: How could the wearable HEPA Air Purifier system work to protect people?

wearable hepa filter protect people

"It protects you and only you -- by pressurizing the mask with filtered air and pushing out your exhale with respiratory droplets on others with no filtration. People who wrote that the mask "filters" air don't have a clue. Maybe it will catch some of the larger droplets when you sneeze it in, but this mask is not a tight fit and is not meat to have a tight fit to filter air "through" it.
If it had a tight fit, it would either suffocate you by blowing air into your mouth or your exhale would wear out its fan by blowing against it. Exhaled air comes out through the gaps (least resistance), not through the mask itself (lots of resistance). This would not qualify as a safe mask in a state like NY." 

Q4: One size does not fit everyone. How does this wearable air filteruniform size protect all people?

With the exception of children-sized masks, I haven't come across any adult custom-sized masks over the past 8 months (I started buying masks in Feb. 2020). That said, you are right, not all masks are equal in size, fit, or quality. Comparing the KN95 mask that comes with the device to the 10 other KN95 styles I have, IMO this mask is on the larger side. It forms nicely to the shape of my face, and forms a tight complete seal around the face, more so than some of my other masks do.

A simple seal test you can do with any mask: when wearing it does breathing become difficult? When inhaling does the mask get sucked into your face. If the answer is "yes" to both then the seal is tight.

Mask and facial details that can affect the seal include: how tight the elastic bands pull the mask close to your face; HOW the mask sits against your face; the configuration/shape of your face compared to the shape of the mask edges (e.g., if you have hollow cheeks the mask may not form a tight seal in the cheek area).

Today I used scissors to manually cut 1/2" (12mm) in some of my masks. Worked perfectly with the device.

Q5: Where to buy a hepa h13 high-efficiency filter replacement ?

Here this listing you can directly buy wearable hepa filter 100% perfect working for the kit, recommend multi pieces because the filters are requested to be replaced for it’s not reusable.

Q6: Does any noise created from the mask?

Not from the mask but some from the box where the battery and fan are. It is a slight hum that changes pitch on the 3 different speeds. I hardly notice it. The cool comfort inside the mask is well worth the slight hum of the motor.

Q7: Does the filter effectively filter out the droplets?

Good one, since coronavirus mostly travels in droplets that another person may breathe out or sneeze/cough.

According to the product description, the respirator filter is a 2.5 micron. Coronavirus is estimated to be a 3 micron virus. So, yes, the filter SHOULD be effective against coronavirus. That said, the system uses KN-95 masks(which you can substitute), and coronavirus can enter your body via your eyes. Nothing is 100%, but I like this, as a solution and alternative to cotton "waterboard" masks.

Q8:Can you wear this on a plane?

 Yes! Some of our customer just wore it in a flight to New York and all the flight attendants were coming to ask him about it and taking pictures. They all wanted one. Very comfortable to wear, specially in flights.

Q9: In the u.s. hepa h13 filters filter pm 0.3 size particles. does this filter 0.3?

HEPA filters, as defined by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) standard adopted by most American industries, remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 micrometers (μm) in diameter. The filter's minimal resistance to airflow, or pressure drop, is usually specified around 300 pascals (0.044 psi) at its nominal volumetric flow rate.

Q10: KN95 certification the result of the mask material like a normal n95 mask or the overall filtration system?

Thank you for the asking. KN95 Certificate is for the whole set system of air purifying respirator instead of the masks accessories only. We do use the KN95 certificated masks as spare parts, but the HEPA H13 level filter seems more important than the masks since our air purifying respirator keep on sucking the outside air go through the HEPA filter in filter box, stop all kinds of PM 2.5 dust, particles 99.99% and germ, virus 99.39% above entering into air tube. It's continuous running and providing clean fresh air for human breathe. Especially the weather is getting hot recently, our respirator could supply cool air inside of mask which will make people feel much better compared with traditional KN95 or N95 masks, no claustrophobic feeling.

Q11: Are these wearable air purifier N95 or higher?

The wearable HEPA filter Masks has KN95 Certificates and testing report, Because the dirty air will be sucked into the water box which is filter box, go through the HEPA H13 filter that could filter PM2.5 99.9% dusty, particles and germs, the clean fresh air will be supplied through air conduct/tube into masks inside and created a positive pressure for human breathe. This portable oxygen machine for breathing makes people feel much cooler with wearing it, instead of stifled feeling with normal N95 masks.

Q12: Does this mask with its filter stops pollen entering your breathing/lungs?

Yes, definitely the filter inside of wearable hepa filter could stop the pollen and avoid the allergy for you. This wearable portable air purifierused the HEPA H13 filter which could filter the dust, smoke and any other PM2.5 particles 99.99%, and also it can filter the germs, virus and other microbiology 99.39%, all these we have testing report and certificates. Besides this, another largest advantage is our product used positive air supply mode which means there's an axial flow fan driven by rechargeable battery, keep on running and sucking the outside air go through the super filter, air tube and then the clean fresh air will be provided inside of mask. Compared with traditional N95 mask or KN95 mask, the wearing experience will be more comfortable, no claustrophobic feeling, even people wear it for more than 8-10 hours you will still feel so smooth breathe. Especially like recently as the weather is getting hot, it could provide cool air constantly that I believe you will really love it.

Q13: How long does the wearable air purifier ran before recharging?

So far I’ve only had to charge it once. I’ve had the mask for about 2 weeks now and I’ve only charged it once so far so the battery is a lithium battery which can last longer so I’ve charged the battery over night just once and it still works really well. So I would say about 2 maybe 3 times a month. How ever it depends on how often you use it too but I would say it doesn’t need to be charged that often. I go by the blue lights on the batter indicator on the top of the machine that lets me know when I need to charge it.

Q14: Can I use the mask joints to connect with other masks of mine that I’ve purchased?

I purchased a pack of regular kn95 masks and just use a razor to cut a small hole a little smaller than the fitting and force the fitting in. Works the same if not better than the original masks that come with it because you put the hole where you prefer. The masks that come with it are small in size.

Q15: How often do you need to replace the mask and filter?

The Filter can be used for every 500 hours which means you can replace it every 1.5-2 months (based on 8 hours using per day); For the mask, we recommend to replace it every 7-10 days.

Q16: What diameter is the tube from the mask to the filter and how long? can it be replaced?

The diameter of air tube from the mask to the filter is 1/2", the longer one is 15 3/4" length and shorter one is 6" length. There has one 15 3/4" tube plus one 6" tube included in the retail box, for the replacement we only provide the longer one 15 3/4' as replacement accessories. If you have problem on tubing please contact us for replacement.

Q17: Can this run while plugged into power?

Yes, it definitely can run with extended battery/portable power station when you think the original one can not support the longer enough operation time.

Q18: Can i use it in rain?

We suggest you can cover it with a plastic bag or anything else to keep it away from pouring rain.

Q19: What type of lithium battery does this use? Can you replace battery?

We don't recommend that you replace the battery yourself, if you have problem with the battery please contact us.

Q20: Is this effective in case of smoke from brush fires?

It works in the smoke from brush fires. There will be plenty of dust in the fire and the wearable air purifier mask with HEPA filter can block particles by 99.99%. Making sure you breathe in the clean air.


More Question & Answer about wearable air purifier to be continued……


Where to Use the personal air purifier wearable with HEPA13 Filter

Sports & Outdoor Exercise

Wear Air Purifier for Sports & Outdoor Exercise

·        Hiking, Walking

·        Cycling

·        Fitness & Exercise

·        Other Sports

Workshop & Constructions

Wear Air Purifier for Workshop & Constructions

·        Welders & Miners

·        Constructions

·        Renovation Workers

·        Police & Patrol

·        Postman & Drivers

Indoor & Household

Wear Air Purifier for Indoor & Household

·        Household Cleaning

·        Teachers & Students

·        Officers & Staff

·        Securities

Patient Room & Clinic

Wear Air Purifier for Patient Room & Clinic

·        Regular Checking Room

·        Clinic & Nurse

·        Dental Room

·        Testing Room


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