UVC Sterilizer X

UVC Water Purifier for Aquarium


Non-Submersible UV Ultraviolet Light Clarifier Lamp Filter for Aquarium Koi Pond Fish Tank

Stabilize Your Ecosystem

Removes the toughest grime in your Saltwater Reef Tank, Freshwater Aquarium, or Pond. Simple to achieve crystal clear water by keeping Nitrate levels down

Protect Your Fish

The High-performance UVC bulb ensures professional power to keep your ecosystem clean without additional use of chemicals. Perfect for saltwater corals and invertebrates

Max Flow Rate

1,849 GPH 36W UVC bulb (check different specification). Perfect for tank or pond sizes up to 14,529 gallons (55,000 liters) of water

Long-Lasting UVC Bulb

Life of UV bulb effective up to 1 year. UV bulb encased in a hard plastic housing where water is not exposed to any copper

Multi Specifications

17 ft power cable. Inlet/Outlet diameters: 1" to 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" to 2" tube
UVC Bulb Specification refers to the image each variant

5W 350L/H 250L 50 110V 6H/DAY
7W 350L/H 500L 50 110V 6H/DAY
9W 350L/H 500L 50 110V 6H/DAY
11W 550L/H 1500L 50 110V 6H/DAY
13W 600L/H 2000L 50 110V 6H/DAY
18W 600L/H 2000L 50 110V 6H/DAY
24W 650L/H 2500L 50 110V 6H/DAY
36W 700L/H 3000L 50 110V 6H/DAY

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Scott M.
WOW , great product and fantastic company!

Not only does this work but I made a mistake (even though I had it covered with a fake rock) and left it outside for the winter. The water in the tube froze and then shattered the glass inside of it and breaking the outside seal. I called the seller and asked him to send me the parts and I would pay for it.
He sent me a new one instead and said it was ok and I did not have to pay for it.
WOW! A++, the fault was all mine and they still came out on top

Willie E.

This thing is a monster, you could run over it with my Ford F150! Yes, I was very hesitant in purchasing made in China, about half the price of the Coralife that has been known for quality for a zillion years.. Well, this blew me away, look at my pictures, seeing is believing . 1) Transformer and LONG power cord. the pic makes the transformer look small, so I was concerned about quality NOT 2) every plumbing connection you could ever need for a pond, and good quality, ok, not for an aquarium but $4 at Home Depot and you have a 2"o 3/4 reduction and 5/8" barb fitting and you are all set.3) Plastic? Yes, but I promise, you have never seen anything of this thickness and quality from anyone else, on UV lights, on canister filters, ANYTHING for an aquarium.4) Bulb replacement is the twist on the head and done! 5) Larger enough to give water dwell time in the UV, yes, larger than anything else on the market.
Bottom line: I have seen no product, of any type, for an aquarium, that comes close to matching the quality I just received....u

Ryan P.
No more algae, excelent quality!

Algae problems gone! Quality construction. Easy and versatile to mount. Comes with a great list of accessories to connect it to a variety of hose sizes. I would buy this again. Highly recommended. I have a 1500 gallon Koi pond with a large waterfall. I use this, full-flow with an 800 GPH pump. No problems with green algae OR string algae.
For 1500 gallons, I am down to 3 oz of algaeside a week!

Brandon F.
Easy to maintain, easy to clean

Used it all summer, just bought a new bulb for this year

Phillip P.
Get it!Kicking myself for going this long without one

Kicking myself for going this long without one

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