Order & Shipping & Refund & Warranty

1.    How could I complete my purchase order?

-      Click the ’BUY NOW’ or ADD TO CART’ Button.

-      Click ‘CHECKOUT’ button or will direct automatically.

-      Fill the contact info and shipping address form.

-      Choose the payment method you feel comfortable.

-      Complete your payment will direct to order confirmation page (We’ll send you an order confirmation email).

*For cards and Paypal payments, you will be charged directly after you complete your order.


2.    Which payment methods can I use to pay for my order?

- Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

- Paypal.

- Apple Pay.

- Google Pay

- Gift card or voucher.


3.    Are my bank details secure?

We never keep any of your bank account details. Transactions on our website are handled by a secure payment platform so any payments you make on our site are completely secure.


4.    For how long is my voucher or gift card valid?

Vouchers and gift cards have no end date,so feel free to use it whenever you find something that you like! :)


5.    Can I use my voucher several times? How about a gift card?

Our vouchers can only be used one time. If you ordered something and still have some amount left, you can always contact our Customer service team through our Contact Form. They will update your voucher so you will be able to use the remaining amount.


Our gift cards can be used several times until the balance is zero


6.    Where can I use my voucher or gift card?

Once you are in the payment method process,you will find a panel containing the text “Gift card or discount code” at the right of the screen.

How long does shipping take?

-      Shipping times vary depending on location, but allow at least 4-8 business days for your order to arrive. If your item takes over 20 business days to arrive don't hesitate to contact us at support@uvcsterilizerx.com we will confirm the status for you.

-      For more details about shipping times: Click Here.

-      Please note processing time could take up to 3 business days.

-      COVID-19 Notice: Some packages may experience a 1-2 week shipping delay, as our logistics partners try to circumvent global lock downs.


How much is shipping? Where do you ship to?

-      We offer free express shipping worldwide!

-      Please note that we try to get the package to the destination as quick as possible, after it has arrived it is up to the local postal service to deliver your package in a timely manner.

-      For countries that we noticed have a slow or unreliable postal service we have added the option of Insured DHL Express delivery. As this is a private carrier we can confidently send your package securely, regardless of the country.

-      UVC Sterilizer X is in no way responsible for any customs or import charges, charged to the customer by the shipping service.


How do I track my order?

We will send you a tracking number to your email once the package has been shipped. You can use this number to track your package here.


Handling Notice

All orders will typically be dispatched within 1-3 business day from our warehouse and all orders will include tracking from dispatch to delivery. All orders will be shipped in durable packaging to ensure your purchase is not damaged during transit. UVC Sterilizer X is not responsible for delays, lost or damaged shipments or orders sent to incorrect,invalid addresses or correct addresses. It is always in our best interests to make sure you receive your parcel in a timely manner and UVC Sterilizer X will assist as much as possible to trace a missing parcel. UVC Sterilizer X is not responsible for refunds of shipping costs in the event of delayed shipping due to product availability.


Will I pay customs?

Most likely you will not be charged any customs. In most cases we try to ensure that there are no customs charges upon arrival. But sometimes customs charges are out of our control and are dependent on the local government.

1.    How can I return an item?


-      Hey we get it's hard to trust a product which sounds too good to be true. That's why we're proud to offer our 90 days money-back guarantee!

How to claim your money back:

-      Use our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit no more than 90 days from date of delivery.

-      If you are not completely satisfied by the performance of our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit, email a customer care representative at info@uvcsterilizer.com

-      Once approved, return our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit (in its original packaging) via a trackable mail service 100 days from date of purchase to the address provided by our customer care representative.

-      Incomplete, indecipherable or illegible claims will be deemed invalid.

-      Real postage costs for the sending and return of our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit are the full responsibility of the Claimant and will not be refunded.

-      Once returned, our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit’s purchase price will be refunded to you.

2.    What happens If I receive a damaged item?

You can contact our Customer Service team through our Contact Formwithin 7 days after receiving it. They will inform you on how to process the return. Be aware that they will ask you for some photos of the item.

3.    What happens If I receive the wrong item?

If you have received the wrong item you can contact our Customer service team through our Contact Form.They will inform you howto process the return. Be aware that they will ask you for some pictures of the item, including the label inside the item.

4.    When will I receive my refund?

We will give you a full refund using the same method you used to pay.  Please be aware that it can take up to 10 working days until the refunded amount is visible in your own account. Please feel free ask any question through our Contact form.

5.    How long does it take for my return to be processed?

This will depend on the carrier you choose, but normally it can take up to 10-15 business days to arrive and to be fully processed in our system. Do not be alarmed if it takes longer than this, as the time taken can vary with the number of requests our team is dealing with.

1.    Defective Product

If your item arrives damaged or is malfunctioning.

Email us at support@uvcsterilizerx.com for more details


2.    1 Year Warranty original manufacturer guarantee card.

We offer limited one year warranty for our product from the date of purchase.

The following circumstances are not covered by warranty:

-      Warranty expires.

-      Malfunction or damage resulted from failure to use, maintain or keep the device as instructed by the user manual.

-      Disassemble the sterilizer by customers without permission.

-      Malfunction or damage caused by human errors (such as misuse,collision or wrong voltage input etc.)

What is a UVC Sterilizer?

How does the UVC Sterilizer X UVC Sterilizer X work?

The UVC wavelength of 253.7 nm is termed as the germicidal spectrum as it is the most lethal wavelength for microbial inactivation.

During the disinfection process, the UVC light targets the DNA of the microbe. The UVC light is readily absorbed by the microbial nucleic acids and is considered the lethal wavelength for microbes.

The bacteria or virus can not reproduce and will die immediately, thus to achieve sterilization purposes. Ultraviolet sterilization is pure physical disinfection, with many advantages, simple and convenient, broad-spectrum, no secondary pollution, ease of management and automation, etc.

Can it cause cancer?

Many clinical studies have been conducted that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of UVC for sterilization and disinfection with proper protection. This fact has become an extremely popular option for safe and effective methods of personal use.

If used as instructed, our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit poses no risks to the user and is 100% safe to use. It is FCC, CE, and RoHS certified for safe use.

It is strictly forbidden to exposure your and other’s eyes and skins under the UVC Sterilizer X light source in any case.

- Please do not stare at the UVC light during the sterilizing process, which might cause discomfort or retinal damages, and do not expose your eyes and skin directly to UVC light.

- Make sure to use the UV-Anti goggle in any case when using our device.

- An instant or flashy exposure during using operation will not cause injury.

Is UVC Sterilizer X permanent?

- Make sure to follow the user manual in the package (recommend to keep it safe) and follow the instruction to sterilize anything you need in a safe situation with proper protection.

- It depends on the various condition, and bacteria will request different times and distances, which has been indicated in the user manual, plus the exclusive UVC Dosimeter card will help you judge if your sterilization is effective or not.

- The service time of the UVC Lamp is 10000 hrs.

About UVC Dosimeter Test Card

-      UVC Dosimeters are designed to provide a visual indication of applied UVC energy during a disinfection cycle help you make a clear judgment whether the sterilizing effectively depend on different situation.

-      They are not intended to be used as a substitute for microbiological verification of disinfection.

UVC Dosimeters are featured by a technically changes color to visibly demonstrate six energy levels of UVC 253.7(nm) exposure at different dosages by unit mJ/cm².

UVC dosimeters are recommended for each personal UVC disinfection cycle to visually determine if surfaces have received an optimal level of germicidal irradiation.

Yes, it’s perfectly workable for all kinds of UVC light source.

UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit Details

What's the difference between 'UVC Sterilizer X' and 'UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit'?

The UVC Sterilizer X is the central part of the package also means we provide you an excellent portable, result in visible and safe disinfection 😊.

UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit contains:

-    UVC Sterilizer X Module

-    Silicone Shield

-    USB Cable

-    UVC Dosimeter Test Cards

-    UVC Anti Goggle

-    Shockproof Bags for Module

-    Dust proof Bags for Silicone Shield

-    Universal Nano Gel Pad

-    Readable Manual

How long will my UVC Sterilizer X last?

Our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit is equipped for 10000 hrs, which will last well over 10 years if used as an hour each day. This also means there are no reoccurring costs and no need for replacements or refills.

What are the energy and wavelength outputs?

Our UVC Sterilizer X has an energy output of 2000μw/cm² (ideal 0 distance) and wavelength fixed at 253.7nm, which means it is ideal to be potent germicidal and safe enough to use at home under proper protection.

Will it work in my country? Plug type?

Our UVC Sterilizer X has a Micro USB input hole (5V/1A), meaning it will work in every region in the world, as we put USB cable in Deluxe Kit for your convenience.

It can correctly work with any 5V/1A adaptor.

Patent UVC Lamp

The UVC lamp in our UVC Sterilizer X is a Cold cathode high strength quartz ultraviolet sterilizing lamp.

The lifetime of this cold cathode high strength quartz ultraviolet lamp can reach more than 15 000 hours and is primarily used to sterilize nature drink-water or air in large-size space.

Multiple factors set us apart from the other UVC Sterilizer that seems to "look" the same.

-      The first and most important factor is that our UVC Sterilizer X is FCC, CE & RoHS certified for safe use. All the components have been tested for safety and performance. This is very important for such a sophisticated device, and the internals is far more important than the aesthetics.

-      Besides, our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit comes with our exclusively patent UVC Dosimeter Cards, which allows you to verify the UVC exposure and sterilization on any surface.

-      While other brands may claim to keep your family safe, we provide you with the test cards to confirm it!

-      Our team is also fully equipped with all the knowledge necessary to help you achieve the best results possible. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and your happiness is our goal! We won't leave you in the dust after the purchase like some other brands.

-      We made sure to make our UVC Sterilizer X Deluxe Kit is the first result visible, portable, up to 99.99% reduction, and versatile personal disinfection device.

Security & Guarantee

Not happy?

Not a problem!

We are proud to offer a risk-free 90 day money-back guarantee.

Just follow our money-back guarantee protocol to receive a full refund!

Click here for more details

Your UVC Sterilizer X is covered by a full 1 year warranty by original manufacture service!

If your UVC Sterilizer X has any defects within 1 year of use we will replace it!

With FCC, CE & RoHS Certifications.

Your UVC Sterilizer X is certified for safe use, you know you can trust the quality of your product.

Don't risk using an uncertified device!

UVC Sterilizer X has been approved by'Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology' and tested by 'National Institute of Metrology' to ensure the product 100% effective and safe use.

How to



5-Minute Accelerated (Quick Mode) Sterilization

-      Unbox the package and stretch the silicone shield to be unfolded.

-      Put Sterilizing Module on the silicone shield to cover anything you want to sterilize.

-      Touch the power button for 3 seconds to enter into 5 minutes quick sterilizing mode (with blue LED flashing). The sterilizing process will end when the LED indicator turns green.

-      You can stop the sterilizing process by slightly touching the power button (the LED indicator turns off.)

60-Minute Extended (Long Mode) Sterilization

-      Keep touching the power button for 3 more seconds during the 5 mins quick mode to activate 60 minutes long sterilizing mode (with blue LED keeps lighting on).

-      Slightly touch again to turn it off. (Enter into 60 mins mode again please repeat step1).

Put anything with suitable size under the silicone shield.

-      Keep the sterilizer module in 60 mins long mode, scanning with the UVC Light source, keep around 3cm between where the surface you intend to sterilize.

-      Required time and dosage, please refer to the guide at the end of this manual.

-      Keep the sterilizer module in 60 mins long mode, use the Nano Gel Pad sticking on any clean, dry, and smooth surface (refer to the application part), then place the sterilizer module on gel pad.

-      Make sure place module on the horizontal or vertical position. Or less than 90 degrees.

-      The UV irradiation module will shut down automatically when the silicone shield leans more than 90 degrees.

-      (Do not place the product in a magnetic field, or the sensing function may be invalid.)

-      Please read the manual carefully and keep it for future reference.

-      For fear of potential UVC threat to children, please keep this device out of children' s reach.

-      During the sterilizing process, please do not stare at the UVC light, which might cause discomfort or retinal damages, and do not expose your eyes and skin directly to UVC light.

-      Long time UVC irradiation may cause some plastic articles quicker aging and yellowing, so be careful when choosing a long time sterilizing mode.

-      Keep the device in a dry and safe place.

-      Don't break the UVC lamp tube to avoid mercury leakage.

-      A built-in gravity sensor may give some sound when swing, which is not a signal of malfunction.

-      Keep away from a hot place to avoid high-temperature cause product distortion.

-      The foldable silicone shield can be detached and washed by water,while the sterilizer module itself is not waterproof.

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