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Solid and dependable!

this bug zapper works great! I charged it up overnight and then set it outside my front door. At night the purple light comes on to attract the bugs. The electrical circuit goes on with the light and in combo they zap any flying bugs. After the initial charge the solar panels take over. I havent had to charge it since I put the unit out two weeks ago! Great buy for us, bad news fir the bugs!!!

Lightweight n easy to use

Please make sure you charge before use, I made the mistake of just using it turn off like after 1hr. I charged it i works for hours, i did see little nats n Flies attract to the blue light. The self clean does work, best part i like would bet it again

Best bug zapper!

Easy and effective to use. We use it on the porch after our nightly walks and in our home at night

Works and cleans well

This works exactly as described. It attracts bugs, zaps them and then about every day and a half it cleans itself. One thing I've had to do though is keep it plugged in. The solar panel doesn't seem to power it enough. Thats ok to me though bc I've got it in a spot convenient to plug it in. I would order again and recommend it.

It only works after dark

I have bugs day and night This only works at night, I returns it

Fish and Frogs Love It

I hung this bug zapper over my pond on a post at the end of the dock. By leaving the bottom off the dead bugs fall into the pond for fish food. It is waterproof and the zapper is solar powered and turns itself on at night and off at daybreak. Works Great

Definitely recommend

I really love this! I've only had it outside q fee days and you can already see how it's working. The light has 3 settings and the brightest is extremely bright my husband is thinking of ordering more to put outside his shop for when he's working because the lights are so bright!

Good little product!

Easy to use, attracts and zaps little flying insects, holds a charge for quite a while, and serves as a decent lamp. The self-cleaning function startled me the first time it went off, but its another positive feature!


Love the self cleaning feature, if I can get another one I would but looks like it does not sell anymore

Good zapper for smaller spaces

Does a good job in smaller spaces. We have this hanging by our front porch because of issues with flies this summer. While the flies are not completely gone, they are dramatically reduced. It's not big or powerful enough for a larger space, though. It's easy to clean as well.

Excellent bug zapper

We purchased this bug zapper for our back porch. We did research to determine which one we thought would be best for us. This one works great. With us being in the south we have lots of mosquitoes etc. We hung this on our back porch.

Well definitely purchase again

It is bugg (mosquito) season so this is so perfect!! The light is bright but not too bright Its just the perfect size and I am so glad that its waterproof case it has been raining like crazy and it doesnt affect the product at all I will definitely recommend this to anybody and if I can buy another one I will

Perfect as both a light and bug zapper!!

I love that on this bug zapper you can choose to use just the light or just the bug zapper so it can serve two purposes. It charged very fast before the first use. I used it the first night I had it, to test it out and within 3 minutes there were several mosquitoes already inside. Works very efficiently and effectively. The self cleaning part is the best part all you do is press a button and it swipes itself clean and then dump the tray in the bottom!

To keep the bugs away

We just got a gazebo in our backyard and have been camping more recently so I figured we would try this to keep the bugs away. So far its been working really well! Its solar powered which is a nice touch. It also has an auto sensor to turn off when its daylight to save battery. It has a multi use for a light too. Im going to keep playing with this, but so far, so good!


I live right by the beach and let me tell you, mosquitos are no joke. After sunset, its impossible to stay outside.. that was until I found this lamp!!! Its so easy to set up, the best part I would say is that you dont need to charge it as it is solar powered. It does come with a usb cord in case youd want to use it indoors. 10/10 would definitely recommend if you want to stop using mosquito repellent and enjoy the outdoor life without the annoyance of mosquitos.

Really zaps the competition!!!! Great purchase.

Great little bug zapper. Keep it on the patio to clean bugs off it. Works like a champ. Solar panel keeps charged up good. See photos for bugs collected in it. Also has a built in light that's just bright enough. Would give 6 stars if could.

I like thes solar powered bug zapper/lantern.

its works. the instructions are not that clear but the lamp works and there are 3 settings or brightness levels which is good for outages. now for the bug zapper, it zapped good size ?? Mosquitoes but smaller moths. I left it in a somewhat screen room, it did the job. I'm going to try the backyard next. for the cleaner to work you have to press and hold the button till it starts moving. the little brushes kinda did the cleaning but it took a couple of rotations but cleaned good.

Cool yard zapper!!

This yet again, another fun gadget I never knew it needed! I love sitting on the deck on summer nights, but the mosquitoes usually ruin it for me. Im looking forward to having this now! To get started, I set it on the deck on a nice sunny day and it charged right up. Later that night, the purple zapper light came on automatically. Having it serve as a lantern is a nice bonus since the purple isnt very bright. Its still early in the season for bugs, but it managed to grab a couple. The auto cleaning feature is really great... cuz not one wants to look at dead bugs! The only thing that bothered me was the bottom lid to empty it... the lip to grab onto and twist is pretty shallow. Otherwise, this is a great product!


Its easy to use and very useful if you are outdoor a lot

Works well

Light and compact. Easy to clean unit. The only thing that needs to be changed is the handle. Its flimsy

Easy to use and love that I can use it wireless

I am currently using the bug zapper more for indoor rather than outdoor because there's been a lot of tiny mosquitoes throughout my room. I realize that this bug zapper can also be used as a lamp because it comes with three lighting modes. I have the option to use it as a bright light, a dim light, and a blinking light function. I've been leaving the bug zapper in my bedroom and I noticed there have been fewer baby mosquitoes since I started using this. I tried the solar power a few days ago and left it outside in the sun. It charges slowly and works fine but I prefer to use the usb charging cable to charge it because I think that's faster than solar power. One important thing I love about this is that it can be used wireless so I don't always have to be next to an outlet. Since I have been using it mainly indoor in my room, I just use a usb cable and not the solar power. I would recommend that if you do leave it outside to put it in an area where the sun can shine brightly so you can get the solar powered charge to work more effectively. But for what I'm looking for, I'd give this product a five stars for meeting all my needs.

Good Product, easy to assemble and use.

Does what it says and kills the bugs instantly. I like it.

Work Great

this product is very good.

Works like a charm

Works great for my outdoor backyard oasis! Will be ordering more because you can hear the bugs getting zapped sitting outside!

Wipe the bugs out

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. This time of the year there are lots of bugs out there and here.i got the very easy to clean bug zapper and easy to use This bugs zapper is very nicely made wireless and I can put it anywhere around the house. I see the blue light comes out when it's dark so I put it in a darker place in daytime . I can changed the location anytime this is very portable Lightweight and good for zapping unwanted bugs. Affordable also this can be a great gift ideas.

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