UVC Sterilizer X

304 Stainless Steel Solar UV Bug Zapper


Garden Solar UV Bug Zapper

  • 304 Stainless Steel Grid + ABS Base
  • 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • 2.5 Watt & 16H Lighting Up
  • Ultraviolet Reject Up to 2100 sq ft
  • IP55 Level Waterproof
  • Ethical Mosquito Killer
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

Dual Model Power Garden Mosquito Zapper

Not only does it keep mosquitoes, flies, and pesky moths away, it also provides you with the green-energy source of your choice! Solar panel included. It's a never-ending battle against mosquitoes and bugs outside. With this new and improved solar pest killer, you don't need to worry about blood-hungry mosquitoes or other pests ruining your outdoor experience. No more buzzing, biting, or having to swat away, just give them a total knockout with this sleek product today!

No-Disturbing For Every Happy Moment

Stop your outdoor party from being ruined by mosquitos. The Solar Garden Bug Zapper uses the power of the sun to kill bugs without costing you a dime. Stop worrying about bugs ruining your garden & spending a fortune on bug zappers. With this mosquito & fly zapper, you can stop the problem before it starts. What's more? No more replacing batteries, no more sky-high power bills, and an enhanced capacity to take care of those pesky bugs.

Light Up The Quiet Again

Step away from the bug zapper and try a new way to make your garden beautiful and bug-free. The Solar Garden Bug Zapper is sleek, modern, and safe for both you and your kids! It's not just about zapping bugs; this cordless mosquito killer lamp with a strong base design is also a beautiful garden light too. Wow your neighbors with its gorgeous white lighting and decorate your patio with the timeless, classic design!

Hazard Free And Energy Saving

It's finally here. Say goodbye to the bugs and hello to total relaxation and wonderful summer evenings in your backyard. You can sit back and enjoy the outdoors while the Solar mosquito killer takes care of any pesky insects that come near. It's perfect for any size yard and completely rechargeable with no costs ever!

Quick & Easy, Durable and Good For You

If you are always surrounded by mosquitoes, flies, or other pesky bugs, our solar garden bug zapper is the perfect solution for you. Eliminate your pest problem without getting rid of your pet. The electric bug zapper is wireless, easy to install, and made of durable material that won't break on day one.

With the rising price of electricity, it's time to catch insects using a solar-powered bug zapper. This durable, efficient, and cost-effective solar-powered bug zapper will get the job done without leaving you in the dark. Stop wasting money on expensive electrician services and get a solar-powered bug zapper from us.


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