UVC Sterilizer X

Anti UV Google UV Protection Adjustable Safety Glasses with Yellow Tint


UVC Sterilizer X™ Anti UV Goggle: The UVC STERILIZER X™ Professional UV Light Safety Glasses were developed to protect users of UVC STERILIZER X™ Ultraviolet sanitizer, or any other devices equipped with 220-280nm wavelength ultraviolet light source, including but not limited to operate a uvc lamp at your home, run a uvc robot for any commercial building or even replace your uvc HEPA or HVAC system.


Professional Protection For Ultraviolet Disinfection: The polycarbonate yellow-tint lenses filter out 65% of harmful Blue light and 100% of ultraviolet A; B; C light rays with wavelengths up to Ultraviolet 400 nanometers, prevent the irradiation from causing irreversible damage for human eyes and skin. We recommend everyone wear the professional uvc protection goggle when operation an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation system.


Medical Grade PPE For Daily: Besides the proper Ultraviolet-C Light protection, another high energy blue light emitted by most of the electronic devices have shown to increase the risk of accumulated damage to the retina, cataracts, sleep disorders, and macular degeneration, which is very uneasy to detect but cause you sub-health issues quietly. Prevent short-term and long-term damage like macular degeneration, cataracts, and the reduction of melatonin production.


Broadly Usage: Perfectly suitable for handheld Ultraviolet-A light such as black lights for detecting urine between 315-400nm; Ultraviolet-B light that causes sunburns and is sometimes used for health treatments is between 280-315nm; the Ultraviolet-C light as the germicidal irradiation provide proper protection when operating disinfection with UVC device such as room sanitization lamps are featured 254 nm (or 253.7).


Long-Lasting Safety and Confidence: The anti-ultraviolet goggle featured as comfortable frames fit ergonomically with your face and head, help to prevent short-term and long-term damage like macular degeneration, cataracts, and the reduction of melatonin production, also is a benefit for sleeping better by blocking blue light and reduce eye strain that affects your bodies circadian rhythms and prevents healthy restorative restful sleep you need to perform daily and to avoid health issues.

Customer Reviews

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Israel L.
Great value!

These goggles do exactly what they are supposed to do. I Purchased them to protect my eyes while using a high powered UVC light. I was a little worried when I opened the box because the packaging and attached label say nothing about UVC protection. There is a simple test you can do to tell if it's really blocking UVC rays though. Basically, you put the goggles on your UVC light instead of on your eyes. Taking them in and out of the beam clearly demonstrated that it was blocking the UVC light coming from my UVC flashlight. (You need to test this using something like a urine stain to look at while testing.) Anyway, the price and the performance of these goggles are great. Oh, and one of the reviewers said they were small. I have a huge head (I can never find hats that fit my head) and these fit just fine. The sides are a firm flexible rubber that would fit many head sizes.

Thanks for loving our product and service :)

Gwendolyn P.
High quality - great for use with black/uv lights!

I had read reviews stating that these goggles didn't do anything when used in conjunction with a black/UVC light, but nothing could further from the truth. There are time of the day (due to lighting conditions) that the black/UVC lights work better without the yellow goggles, but there are times that they definitely work better with goggles. These goggles in particular are high quality and I definitely recommend them.

Thanks for loving our product and service :)

Phillip S.
Great Addition to UV Flashlight

I purchased these UVC Protecting Adjustable Safety goggles Yellow Tint,7821 to accompany an "here Gallium Indium Nitride 365 nm UVC LED Ultra Violet" flashlight. As the flashlight projects UVC light beyond the visible spectrum, I wanted to avoid damaging my vision if I unintentionally reflected the UVC beam at my eyes. The goggles fit comfortably -- though they don't fit well over my existing prescription goggles (in retrospect, I should have looked further for UVC protecting goggles or goggle that would work well with prescription eyewear). After one night tracking down dog urine spots in my home, these goggles did not interfere with the hunt and may well have helped flourescing images stand out.

Nice customer, thank you very much!

Toby P.
One should have these when using a UV light

These goggles are very worthwhile when using a UVC flashlight. Only with these goggles can you really use a UVC light to check hygienic conditions in a bathroom or of a carpet. If pets were living in a home you can see any spot even if the carpet has been professionally cleaned. Also useful for detecting leakages in a vehicle's AC (if a contrast solution was part of the AC's cooling fluid).

Thanks for loving our product and service :)

Linda B.
Multiple uses

This item was packaged very well. Came at the time that it said it would arrive. I use this item when I am shooting my pellet gun. I also used this item when I am looking for urine stained blood stains or maybe just to clean up a mess that I can't see with my naked eye. Also to note that I use this to clean up with a black light so you need to get a black light with this.

Thanks for loving our product and service :)

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