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Retro Mining Lamp Solar Panel UV Mosquito Lamp


Retro Solar Panel UV Mosquito Lamp

  • Stainless Steel Grid + ABS
  • 600mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • Up to 12H Lighting Up
  • Ultraviolet Reject Up to 500 sq ft
  • Rain Level Waterproof
  • Ethical Mosquito Killer
  • 2 x mAh battery
  • 6v/3w Solar Panel
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

High Effective Sunlight Conversion

Real money-saving solar mosquito lamp converts over 93% sunlight into electricity, 5-8 hours daylight charging support up to 12 hours daylight, and UV light working. Allow you to use no extra external power source all 365 days.

Dual Energy Model Bug Zapper

When it comes to long rainy and cloudy days, both solar and USB charging switch to both daylight and UV light smoothly, no worries for indoor or shield places. What’s more, the super 2 x 2000mAh battery keeps you longer endurance no matter hanging in your garden or put on an outdoor table.

Stainless Steel + ABS Quality Material

This high-quality fly killer lamp provides your bug-free yard up to 10 years of using life. 304 Stainless Steel grids are absolutely prevented bacteria from any mosquito and pest, while the combination of verified ABS material makes it possible for lightweight transportation and installation.

Waterproof & Rust-Plated & No Creepage Yard Fly Zapper

The IP55 waterproof and special plate process made your bug zapper light mode durable and secure whenever extreme weather. The anti-creep inside structure protects your and family from accident and of course your pet pal.

Typical Miner’s Lamp Design

360-degree rotation trapping and killing mosquito exceed up 2000 sq. ft garden and keep your every happy moment and light up the yard in silence. The slight bending stem hooking your light seems to wave and bright on your way home. The retro mining lamp design makes all your yard delight both modern and romantic.

Hang-On Ground Plug & Portable Rack Design

This multi-function mosquito trap is equipped with an extensible stem or directly put on where desk you need. Perfectly prevent all your pals from flies, mosquitos, and any other pest when party or camping.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Brooke P.
Cool yard zapper!!

This yet again, another fun gadget I never knew it needed! I love sitting on the deck on summer nights, but the mosquitoes usually ruin it for me. Im looking forward to having this now! To get started, I set it on the deck on a nice sunny day and it charged right up. Later that night, the purple zapper light came on automatically. Having it serve as a lantern is a nice bonus since the purple isnt very bright. Its still early in the season for bugs, but it managed to grab a couple. The auto cleaning feature is really great... cuz not one wants to look at dead bugs! The only thing that bothered me was the bottom lid to empty it... the lip to grab onto and twist is pretty shallow. Otherwise, this is a great product!

Bobby W.
I like thes solar powered bug zapper/lantern.

its works. the instructions are not that clear but the lamp works and there are 3 settings or brightness levels which is good for outages. now for the bug zapper, it zapped good size ?? Mosquitoes but smaller moths. I left it in a somewhat screen room, it did the job. I'm going to try the backyard next. for the cleaner to work you have to press and hold the button till it starts moving. the little brushes kinda did the cleaning but it took a couple of rotations but cleaned good.

Elvira A.
Really zaps the competition!!!! Great purchase.

Great little bug zapper. Keep it on the patio to clean bugs off it. Works like a champ. Solar panel keeps charged up good. See photos for bugs collected in it. Also has a built in light that's just bright enough. Would give 6 stars if could.

Brittany B.

I live right by the beach and let me tell you, mosquitos are no joke. After sunset, its impossible to stay outside.. that was until I found this lamp!!! Its so easy to set up, the best part I would say is that you dont need to charge it as it is solar powered. It does come with a usb cord in case youd want to use it indoors. 10/10 would definitely recommend if you want to stop using mosquito repellent and enjoy the outdoor life without the annoyance of mosquitos.

Leon L.
To keep the bugs away

We just got a gazebo in our backyard and have been camping more recently so I figured we would try this to keep the bugs away. So far its been working really well! Its solar powered which is a nice touch. It also has an auto sensor to turn off when its daylight to save battery. It has a multi use for a light too. Im going to keep playing with this, but so far, so good!

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