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UVC Bottle Water Clarifier

Two Bottle Package (Remark Color)
Three Bottle Package (Remark Color)

Camping Portable Water Filters & Purifiers, Smart and Self Clean UVC Water Filter & Sterilizer


UVC Bottle Sterilizer stops odors from breeding inside your water bottle. Every six hours, the deep ultraviolet rays in the cap automatically activate, keeping your water 99.99% fresh and clean—and the bottle inside free from yucky mold, mildew, odors, and every day.

Easy To Use

With your light finger flickering, tickle on the can you can enjoy pristine drinking water whether you’re at home, camping, on the sports field, or in the parent pick-up line. Tap the cap once for quick 3 minutes cleansing while the purple indicator is on, or two times for deeper 3 minutes purification and every 6 hours rotation.

Water Purification

The UVC Bottle Sterilizer has been Tested and Certified by authoritative water regulation International against Disinfection Performance when used in 6 hours rotation mode. The powerful ultraviolet light is your new favorite tech which is built right into the bottle cap, our germicidal rays are on the same peak wavelength as the UVC used to sanitize operating rooms, water treatment plants, and other serious stuff.

Safety Lock:

The human & gravity sensor protects you from UVC irradiation while accidentally touch the button when the cap is unfastened on the bottle. In other words, UVC will not active when the cap is not fastened with the bottle.

Keep It Cool (or Hot):

Thanks to its double-walled vacuum insulated stainless-steel body, your drinks will stay hot for up to 12 hours or cold for up to 24 hours remaining cool and warm whatever you need.

Good for You, Good for Environment:

Designed with your health in mind, and also help lower your carbon footprint by reducing your use of disposable bottles.


Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ellis P.
Perfect bottle for traveling!

This is the most money I??ve ever spent on a water bottle and I'd do it again. The water bottle's UV-C light concept does and excellent job keeping the inside of the bottle sanitary (doesn??t have that smell accumulating over time).

Darrel N.
Nearly a year later - I bought a second one

I bought a second one! Took it camping with my dad and he mentioned how nice it was so got him one as well. Still would highly recommend - they even have a bigger size now for all you thirsty folks.

Dawn P.
want safe water?

works just like advertised. It is easy to use and keeps my water cold. For those that use refillable water bottles especially from public water sources, this is the perfect way to make sure you water is not harboring any pathogens; particularly nice with the COVID issues. I do wish for the price it was a little larger in capacity though. Battery lasts at least a month and having dropped it once; it is durable!

Marguerite H.

I love my Larq bottle! Very comfortable to drink off of it and it feels good on the lips because the edge is thin and delicate.
The texture of the bottle allows for a good grip.
Stays cold for hours even if left in a hot vehicle.
And it disinfects the water... excellent product!

Clark T.
Best Water Bottle this Side of - Actually the Best Water Bottle in the World!!

As a former pro skier I am used to using lots of plastic water bottles. The simple reason behind this is - we would not clean our bottles, we did not make the time (at the time I was "too busy") but looking back, it was my error for not making the time - I suppose you can tell I have gotten a bit older too.

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