UVC Dosimeter Cards

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UVC Dosimeter Cards

This uv light dosimeter test card visually indicated ultraviolet-c light energy or dosage level by 6 different gradient colors with different dosages 25mJ/cm², 50mJ/cm², 75mJ/cm², 100mJ/cm², 200mJ/cm², 300mJ/cm². These featured uvc light test cards allow you to confirm any unverified uvc light at wavelength 253.7nm.

Single-Use UVC DosageMonitor

Put one uvc dosimeter test card directly opposite to any uvc light source with assuring the color-changing area always within the uvc light exposure source. Take reading immediately once the operation cycle ended for a more accurate result.

Broadly Used UVGI Indicator

The uvc dosimeter cards help you read ultraviolet-c concentration and dosage of different exposure from any legit phone soaps, ultraviolet-c device, ultraviolet hygiene robot, uvc lamp, uvc handheld wand or uvc hygiene box for pacifier or personal belongings, and any other uvc equipment for domestic or commercial, to sure your device and operation effective.

Properly Use & Keep

The instruction manual in the package will guide you on how to use and keep. It will also help you learn how to take readings and contrast which kinds of hygiene target have been approached after the personal or household hygiene operation cycle. Uvc dosimeter cards should be kept dry and away from light and children.

Suggestion and Warning

UVC dosimeters are recommended for each personal uvc hygiene operation cycle to visually conclude whether the surfaces have received an optimal UVGI level. Please make sure to wear proper uvc anti goggles if anyone uses uvc light device. UVC dosimeters are designed to provide a visual indication of applied ultraviolet-c irradiation energy during a uvc hygiene operation cycle. They are not intended to be used as a substitute for microbiological verification.


Medical Grade Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Dosimeter Cards

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Uvc Dosimeter cards

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