UVC Sterilizer X

Wearable UVC Fresh Air Purifier


Wearable UVC Fresh Air Purifier

Wearable UVC 99.99%Anti-VirusAir Purifier & Mask:

Portable Air Purifier Equipped on a mask to provide you 24 Hour Fresh and Cool Air anywhere.

Replaceable KN95 Filter

Kill and Filter virus up to 99.99%. The filter should be replaced every 48 hours (10 Pcs included or DIY curved).

Unique UVC Smart Clean System & Continuous Air Supply

An axial flow fan runs at 2600 RPM, and clean air volume passing through the filter can be adjusted. Innovative magnetic airflow cover, 3D Silicone Gel strengthened bracket, and spiral widening air duct design make airflow more smooth.

Three Speed Adjustable Control

High-level 2.5 CFM for physical labor and sports, mid-level 1.8 CFM, and low-level 1.5 CFM for daily use. A continuous stream of fresh air is sent to the mask, alleviating the stuffiness in typical masks.

6 Hour Standing Battery

Protect your daily travel no matter the public place with secure and fresh air that will cool your lungs all day.

3D Mask, Soft Silicone Gel Fits Comfortably

Comfortable 3D Silicone Gel mask Bracket, the outer contour fits tightly to the face, preventing outside air from entering, and makes each breath clean and fresh.

Rechargeable Air Pump& Ultra-Light Design

The air pump is rechargeable and does no need to be worn around the neck with a lanyard, nor be attached to the helmet.

Customer Reviews

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Nice Product 5 starrrrr

invest this magnetic uvc air fresh mask for my aunt, she nursed in community hospital over 12 hours every day. obviously the battery is not that long but considering the light weight ''suspend” on your head" with 2 silicone strip it's a reasonable design

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