UVC Sterilizer X

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Replacement Bulb 253.7nm


UVC Sterilizer X™ 3W UVC Bulb Replacement: Brand new Ozone Free short-wave ultraviolet germicidal irradiation with a peak at 253.7 nm, perfectly fit for the HEPA air purifier, dryer, refrigeration, microwave oven, the dishwashing machine, etc., any of your home appliance or personal care product with the function of ultraviolet disinfection or sterilization.

253.7nm Ultraviolet Germicidal Bulb:  The ultraviolet bulb emits germicidal irradiation to reduce the bacteria, germs inside the device or around the bulb, which is the principle why HEPA or HVAC system were able to hygiene or fresh the air, which is the foundation for the device delivers cool air to the room.

Universal For Various Model: 

HEPA Air Purifier: Germ Guardian Air LB1000, compatible with Germ Guardian Air GG1000, GG1000CA, GG1100, GG1100B, GG1100W, LB-1000, GGH200, 661000CA

Oral Care: Philips Sonicare Part # 423502504291 & 423509004221 fits Philips Sonicare 5300 / 5500 / 7500 / 9650 / CLEANCARE / CLEANCARE HANDLES / E3000 / E5550 / E7000 / E9000 / E9500 / ELITE ADVANCE / ELITE ADVANCE HANDLES / EXTREME / EXTREME HANDLES / FLEXCARE / FLEXCARE HANDLES / FLEXCARE PLATINUM / FLEXCARE+W/SAN / FLEXCAREPLATINUM / FLEXCAREPLUS / FLEXCAREW/SAN / HEALTHYWHITE / HEALTHYWHITE HANDLES / HX3300 / HX3300/15 / HX3351/02 / HX3351/51 / HX3551/02 / HX3551/97 / HX5351/46 / HX5352/46 / HX5352/97 / HX5454/71 / HX5454/97 / HX5752/02 / HX5754/71 / HX5754/97 / HX5853/71 / HX5853/97 / HX5910/71 / HX5910/81 / HX6150 / HX6160 / HX6160/D / HX6400 / HX6400/97 / HX6411 / HX6411/02 / HX6411/97 / HX6431 / HX6431/02 / HX6431/97 / HX6711/02 / HX6712/75 / HX6730 / HX6731/02 / HX6732/02 / HX6733/70 / HX6930 / HX6932/02 / HX6932/10 / HX6933 / HX6942/14 / HX6942/20 / HX6950 / HX6952/02 / HX6952/70 / HX6962/70 / HX6962/83 / HX6972 / HX6972/02 / HX6972/10 / HX6982 / HX6992/03 / HX6992/10 / HX6993/03 / HX6993/10 / HX7351/02 / HX7361/72 / HX7551 / HX7990/02 / HX9500 / HX9882/02 / R710 / R732 / RS910 / RS930 / RS950.

Technical Specification: 10 voltage/3 watts ultraviolet-c replacement bulb; base type e17 socket; fit for germ guardian air gg1000, ggh200, lp1000, 661000ca etc. ; length 2 in-53mm, diameter 2/3" in-17mm; for uvc air purifier, refrigerator, microwave oven; etc; 10,000 hours life time with properly used.

Warning and Suggestion: 253.7nm wavelength featured as the most effective germicidal wavelength but also cause irreversible to your retina and skin, it’s essential for anyone going to replace the bulb have to wear the proper anti-ultraviolet goggles and make 100% sure keep the users of new bulb away from the children and other people because when you are operating replacement, you will light up the bulb. 

Customer Reviews

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Mark Evans

Worked well

Stuart Banks
Replacement 253nm UV-C bulb for Zaahn UV Clean & Pure Air Purifier

Both bulbs operated correctly when installed. One bulb had traces of condensate on the inside surface which eventually cleared upon extended length of time on test operation (neither outer surface of each glass bulb was touched by skin contact during assembly, disassembly and test operation within the above plugin Zaahn Air Purifier).

Lori R.
Great replacement bulb for my Guardian Germ Air.

This bulb is not used as a light or heat source, but rather as a UV source for disinfecting purposes. I read a lot of negative reviews where people were trying to use this bulb for other purposes. Please read the description of the product before purchasing. Used properly it is a great replacement and lasts for many months in my Guardian Germ Air. As good as the original at half the price.

Thanks for loving our product and service :)

Julie C.
Back ups ready

I got these because this is what my bathroom air freshener uses and I'm getting these now because as we all know, they change models/designs after a few years and then you cant get parts anymore. Getting these now so it wont be an issue for some time to come!

Thanks for loving our product and service :)

Woodrow A.
These Replacement Bulbs Work

These replacement bulbs work.

Nice customer, thank you very much!

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