UVC Sanitizer - Portable & Durable & Vsiable & Foldable

Approved High Germicidal Efficiency UVC Sanitizer

This USB rechargeable uv light sanitizer equipped with the peak wavelength 253.7nm uv light as the UVGI energy source to be more effective to deliver germicidal uvc dosage will kill harmful germs up to 99.99% in a 5-minute accelerated or 60-minute extended sterilization mode.

Safe UV light Sanitizer Design

Featured with our gravity-sense overturn protection and anti uvc goggles, assure your safety for home or travel using. The ultraviolet light user manual will guide you step by step use and keep away from children. Do NOT expose your eyes and skin to UV light, as this would be dangerous to your health.

Versatile & Portable UV Light Sanitizer

UVC sterilizer x allows you to sanitize or disinfect by handheld scanning any surface or to stick on it for deep household cleaning like a refrigerator, washing machine, toilet, trash bin, closet, etc. The foldable silicone shield is possible as a phone sanitizer or uv sanitizer box to disinfect masks, pacifiers, and other personal belongings.

Visible Result & Portable UV Light Kit

This uv light sanitizer bundle includes 100 uvc dosimeter test cards, will confirm your disinfection or sterilization effectiveness by reading uv light dosage of different exposure levels from any uvc sterilizer. By the user manual guide, you could conclude what kind of bacteria, germs, viruses have been killed or reduced corresponding with the dosimeter readings.

Household Deep Cleaning & Travelling Safeguard:

From hard-to-reach spots to on-the-go, our UVC Sterilizer X device will kill harmful bacteria and germs throughout the entire home and beyond with 10000 hours lifespan. The nano gel pad helps you easily sticker your UVC Sterilizer X on any smooth, clean, and dry surface with no damage when your tear it off. Will prevent you from hygiene threat no matter in your own house or travel.


First Result Visible UVC Sanitizer

Customer Reviews

Based on 128 reviews
Smith Van
very good package

provide me more reliable disinfection cycle

Bob B.
Never see so considerate seller before!

I was excited the kit has an amazing user manual, very clearly teach me how to use the device, in different mode and different scenes, how to use the dosimeter, how long time to kill different bacteria, just perfect for me!

Nice customer, thank you very much!

Cristina H.
It's a fashionable and adorable device.

It is very convenient and fits in a small case. We took it traveling and felt much more comfortable that I'm going to sanitize our room, sheets, pillows blankets, and the bathroom, toilet, and refrigerator in my hotel or apartment. It is rechargeable so there wasnĄŻt any fear of it not functioning before the end of our trip. We may not have safe travel if it wasnĄŻt for the UVC Sterilizer x.

Nice customer, thank you very much!

Gayle S.
Easy to use the disinfecting light device for your phone/ any items

Surprising quality and fully considered for consumers, goggles, storage bags and UVC test cards are super cool!

Thank you for choose UVC STERILIZER X, feel free to drop us a message is any issues. :)

Janet H.
FINALLY, FIND A VERY NICE UVC light sanitizer device for phones and accessories.

This UVC Sterilizer device includes a foldable silicone shield and two protection cases, also anti-UVC glasses, plus 3 pcs of universal nano sticker(it's a magic that complete no trace when you split, even reusable) most are the test card, elementary to use and straightforward to tell you what kind of germ has been killed guiding by the manual. It's designed and also is outfitted with a precise UVC LAMP. The LAMP wavelength is 253.7nm and falls, which is the most effective germ-killing spectrum rather than some artificial blue light! It's essential to pick sanitizer in the UVC range, as it has the definite germicidal effect to inactivate bacteria, such as infections and bacteria. This device has a built-in battery and can be reenergized using its micro USB port. I like that this Sterilizer X fits to hold and also easy to use. I need to keep it near to target surfaces (recommended to be less than 3cm to be reliable) and gradually scan via the location a few times. There is visible blue light when it's functioning and no noise! The battery life is decent as well as I can use it for about 2-3hrs per charge. Remember that UVC can also be unsafe to humans, so it is necessary to prevent looking at the light, and even skin gets in touch with when utilizing the device. The good thing is that this sanitizer device does feature some useful safety and security attributes, consisting of an automatic pause when the device is turned 90 degrees.

Thanks for loving our product and service :)

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